power trippers
by Casey Haymes

i’m awake
and afraid more
than of the nightmares
Of being nude at school
Of my car brakes failing
Of my conflicting parents getting back together

i am a witness to
No law
for the lawmakers
No court
for the judges
No officers to watch
the police

power trippers know a world
without limits
and praise each other’s lies
like they were ripe scores
of their favorite sporting event

their laws are one way
or the highway,
with us or against us—

listen to me power trippers:
think, not shoot
actions of love, not words of heroism
travel and learn
about the world,
let it change you
and not you, it
because it’s bigger and older,
wiser and bolder
and as super as you feel now behind a gun
ten times super it will always be

if not interested now, Mr. Triggers,
then remember the message
because it’s not the end
and you will be tired
because you’re motivated
and taught by fear

maybe i won’t see the day
of your arrest
but somebody will
and i hope you remember
what it feels like
to believe in justice
when it’s pointed at you


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